You Know That I’m Chillen




im on my grind 50 50
b-rock feelin trippy
brought some bitches wit me
now lets see some fuckin tittes
basss bass bumpin e pil rollin
fuck wit b rock n jimmybeans cuz blackout golden
u need it i got it the bank i deposit n withdrawl
wen i withdrawl from gettin it poppin
i didnt just start n got no plans a stoppin
beats knockin b-rock lay u down like im sheetrockin
im fuckin crazy man
i got this crazy plan
to take the number one spot
cant delay me man
smoke some blunts wit shorty love to giv her sour
then bring her home in a hr hit it in the shower
im a beat raper erase ur werds wit eraser
drinkin spillin no chaser
im wit my other bitch n im wit my girl
black n white make it rite chocolate vanilla swirl
u kno tht im chillin u kno tht chillin
u kno tht im rollin tht im drinkin u kno tht im smokin
u kno tht im golden

the rhymes i spit are ridiculous
i rep my click wit this
its blackout madness till i take my last breath
smoke a ounce buggin out yo im mad stresed
got tha burner n work under tha matress
n i do it for my city
i do for 4 tha girls who lookin pretty
wana b in my comity
get down like nitty gritty
yea im smokin on some piffy
on point like a skizzy
rippin bongs got me feelin dizzy
then im out like where is he
im known to be wild brake rules
yea im known to hustle n make moves
im rollin up in vip takin shots in the back
keep the strap so i cant have a bitch sit on my lap

im gettin whiteboy wasted
yea i do my thing cuz im nice boy u hatin
yea im on my grind but no im not skatin
im not patient i aint hate waitin
but i keep cakin
gettin hi n writin rhymes is what my life like
proly steal ya shorty n tell u what ya wife like
i aint rite type so i write type all these lyrics
at nite wit a blunt n nite lite


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