wen the white devil speaks u listen
pay attention this a true mc spittin
for real hot then churners that be burnin up steel
so i wanna learn concerned wuts the deal
open a can a whoop ass n brake the seel
u only live once take chances n spin the wheel
n the streets talk just like the hills have eyes n i look like a human but im a devil in disguise
im a little voice in ya head u cant hear me
cuz wen this evil comes out ya all betta fear me
its word that this erb dont mix wit my meds
n the devil got a shovel strike u several in the head
i might appear to u but my being is ghost
i spit fire thru the wire till the microphone is roast
disaterus disastaz burn up ashes
beat u to death cheat on my tests thats how im passing these classes
always answer with questions never answer suggestions
anger managment i closed my ears thruout the whole session
n that just goes to shoi aint never learnin my lesson
my name is b-rco kbquiet n stop guessin


if i was inside ya head u wuldnt even kno it
this is my one chance n i aint gunna blow it
is b-rock tell a friend pass it on
or go buy this album n blast song
i take pieces frum my life n fabricate the truth
poetic intelligent is relevant in the booth
expect the lyrics i gotta hear it to clear it
n if the track is wack i wont go ne where near it
breath the fire get used to the smell
see u at the charcoal gates burnin in hell



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