hear these vioces in my head whisperin
emotions cold im shiverin
cook crack sell dope for dividneds
feel like im takin souls
these fuckin drugs jus take a tole on my mind
im cakin wether its rap shit or the grind
bi polar gets the best of me
a beat n blunt the recipe
no serotonin left in my brain cuz a the extasy
all this girls stressin wna press some false charges
im burnin in hell regardless
shit for christmamas parents bought me a coffin
i been on every phcy med
denyin me at mental hosptial im like aight then
i must be nuts it s blackout dont fuck wit us
hearin satan in my head liek wtf
how much dutst in this dutch
ima blackout soldier yea rider
c waller newburgh new yorker crazy 845er
audio hallucintation
n they only get louder
n my porblems sum shit i aint proud a
im in the hood my main goal is tryna get out a
mix the yola w the soda
gettn rich off a powder
hittlin licks every hr
so im paranoid hearin my consiece
or tht jus satan feedin me thoughts
stop the nonsense
im dealin w the prolems n its constant
wonderin wehere time spent
locked up four seaosns where time went
where my friends go out the window
now im home time in
oh now we bros
wen u aint write for a fuckin yr my heart turned cold
n my so called girl dipped
she was smokin shit
she culdnt remeber how to spell my last name cuz she was smokin dips
im bout to blackout one last time n open up the clips
if these voices dnt stop tlkin me quik
i wana erase the pain u cnt erase the name
voices in my head culd never be the same


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