The Ceremonial release of B-Rock’s CD, “Bi-Polar Disorder



The Ceremonial release of B-Rock’s CD, “Bi-Polar Disorder” on the 16th of January to celebrate B-Rock’s 18th birthday. B-Rock’s release will have 18 tracks which is synonymous with his age (18). Coincidentally, this also happens to be the release date of the story, “Notorious,” the story of Biggie Smalls who next to Tupac and Eminem happen to be B-Rock’s favorite rappers. The initial release will be an enhanced CD and a Digital CD that will include ringtones, photos, video footage, bonus tracks, and interactive links to B-Rock’s website and lyrics. Through the two years B-Rock has worked on this CD, he has grown tremendously as a writer and rapper. Using studio footage, we created B-Rock’s own reality show – “The Disreality Show,” which is where you will see B-Rock grow up in the creating of this album. What started out as trying to scrape up enough tracks to fit on an album, turned into having an overabundance of tracks to choose from. Much to my amazement, in one year B-Rock has written 3 albums worth of songs to choose from for this album. I can only describe his writing and rapping skills as phenomenal, which I thought he was at 15 . While working with him on this CD for the past two years, I can still only use the same words, phenomenal! In my personal opinion, any rapper or writer pales in comparison to this kid, but it’s what all the great artists that B-Rock grew up listening to created in him. They inspired B-Rock so much and they created the next generation of rappers – starting with B-Rock. To catch up on B-Rock, download free Ringtones, videos, and mp3s while the CD is being finalized visit or just Google it and see what the future of rap is going to be.


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