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The New Dis Reality Show Website



Parental-Advisory---Explicit-Lyrics-check out our new site For The Dis-Reality Show with B-Rock.This is an advocacy show fighting off and highlighting the abuses of the mentally ill that we have faced, more than it is about the music http://www.thedisrealityshow.com
The music can reach the masses giving Bipolar Disorder a bigger platform and a younger face (poster Child) join our facebook page
maybe you will find the cure for what ever ill’s you in our Medicine Cabinet by listening to the first season and sound track Bipolar Disorder


The Dis-Reality Show



The Dis- reality show with b-rock

The Dis- reality show with b-rock at brockdamic.com

Things are moving along,,here is the new FACEBOOKSITE with a new music download store at CD Baby..  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-B-Rock-Dis-reality-Show/129496497154259

also a new Youtube site with partial episodes of B-Rock In the studio and doing a few gigs over the past few years while we get the second CD (Face The Music ) done… http://www.youtube.com/user/thedisrealityshow

Help me Promote and create The B-Rock Dis-reality show About a Bipolar Rapper,Be Part Of the next big thing… post or share this link, demo episodes and music are at the site , http://thedisrealityshow.com/about

bipolar disorder  by b-rock  buy his cd before his prescription runs out

there are lots of other perks, read all about it at the link below, there is a lot going on

XTRA, XTRA,,,,,, beat makers, photographers,Video makers,producers , recording studios,agents,tour managers, models investors, lawyers, or fashion desingers who would like to get involved in the new season check out the details

CLICK HERE http://thedisrealityshow.com/about

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So Rock Out …it’s a B-Rock World



ABOVE IS B-ROCK AT 16.. THIS IS B-ROCK NOW AT 20, This song is one of the songs on his up coming CD “Face The Music…and Season 2 of The Dis-Reality Show, an edited version of this may  be the Theme Song To The second season of The Dis-Reality Show, in The Dis-Reality Show you will see a 15 year old Bi-Polar Writer /Rapper muture into a 20 year rapping machine , this is my creation,  he churns out lyrics 24/7  there are so many new songs to choose from , dance. rap, rock, r n b, so perfectly blended together by the master story teller B-Rock, but some of this has had to take a back seat because of his conflict with the law, and some corrupt police,  in out lives which will be part of The Dis-Reality show ..read more about that here if you want to see what I did to this Town to stop it  Cornwall Forum and there is a lot more to come , so this season of The Dis -Reality Show will be intense suspenseful ,and filled with drama and great music!