So Rock Out …it’s a B-Rock World



ABOVE IS B-ROCK AT 16.. THIS IS B-ROCK NOW AT 20, This song is one of the songs on his up coming CD “Face The Music…and Season 2 of The Dis-Reality Show, an edited version of this may  be the Theme Song To The second season of The Dis-Reality Show, in The Dis-Reality Show you will see a 15 year old Bi-Polar Writer /Rapper muture into a 20 year rapping machine , this is my creation,  he churns out lyrics 24/7  there are so many new songs to choose from , dance. rap, rock, r n b, so perfectly blended together by the master story teller B-Rock, but some of this has had to take a back seat because of his conflict with the law, and some corrupt police,  in out lives which will be part of The Dis-Reality show more about that here if you want to see what I did to this Town to stop it  Cornwall Forum and there is a lot more to come , so this season of The Dis -Reality Show will be intense suspenseful ,and filled with drama and great music!



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