So Official LIVE B-ROCK @ the Loft in poughkeepsie



B-Rocks first performance at the Loft in poughkeepsie what a nite it was!!!! The rappers were rocking well in to 1 in the morning, and the floor was shaking so much I though I was going to wind up in the Chance ..not having been to a show in about 15 years. I was in awe of how these guys and girls (Tosha) rocked the crowd and took control of the nite ..I dont know any of the bands that played, but one thing I do know is they know how to please the crowd! Each one was more insane than the other, in their own way and was rocking their shit! The crowd was lovin it…ACTS INCLUDED TOSHA LYNN,ECPHEAVYWEIGHT CYRME RATE B-ROCK AND JIMMY BEANZ AND HOPSIN, Hopsin was still on when I left, but I had to get my rest. I”m an old man.(HA). Oh and I almost forgot B-Rock and Jimmy Beanz were hot also doing their first gig together ..


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