Shortie Wanna Get Next Ta Me



shorty u wanna get nxt ta me
wanaa roll on a couple pills of extasy
u kno im sped up dont take it slow
n im all aboutthe paper my paper strate makin my do

itz b-rock yea im bak up on da grizzy
on da scene wit fresh kicks n tha piffy
always on point a brand new skizzy
n i got all the werk in tha luouie bag wit me
u wit me are u gettin this
how i put down down tha flow are u feelin this shit
n rap neeeded me likie a miracle bitch
now u in tha club like u hearin this kid
we gon party like itz 2010
n thas how imk gon bag u n ya frend
four four locos nuthin less n evrdyday say them pills wur
th best
one for money two fa tha blow
3 for tha gurls out on tha dance flo
fo fos fo my dudes thats doin they thing
n just wake up in tha mornin n do it agian

50 stax on tha watch n on tha chain
yea itz b-rock rap ull never b tha same
dont care wut chu think im doin my thing
n i got twin shorties two in the same
causin trouble in tha place who is to blame

tints lagit im strate in tha lexus
im vip n u aint on tha guestlist
i so smoke soo good tha best shit
rollin wit my girl
so considerin it my exxhick
soo hyper active so im on to thja next to tha next shit
b-rock in tha house take my off the cheklist
up all nite but aint worried bout breakfast
so hungry for tha money
i brake ice i ice pik
shortys wanna roll out nice whip
the tints nice cant see me when im drivin past only
on tha tv


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