Rock Out




its b rock im back on the classic
its back to the beats
its back to getin ya ass kickd n thrown in the street
its now ya feture presentation ya been waitin to see
its b-rock n im comin thru on the slow creep
i got this rhyme shceme n its o so mysterious
haters hatin on me makin them furious
got the nic whip im ridin lookin so serious u delirious
drove it rite out the dealership
u kno tht im tha dealer so u kno i be dealin shit
ya money aint ritght then i aint feelin it
got a clip like a banana u kno that im peelin it
i scarred the rap game for life there aint no healin it
got a couple charges but u kno im appealin it
album droppin real soon all u artist fearin it
rhymes so unbarable ya shine unavailable
im hi in sky dropin bombs my view arial
so rock out

party like a rockstar goin hard day n nite
grab abottle grab blunt dont wana hav ta say it twice
rhymes ontop alrite
take a little not advise
a litlle e a little weed n im nice for tha nite
party hard no sleep no nuthin no frontin get to twisted
shofer drivin in the coop stuntin
and im just relaxn
u kno thtat thats my style
just kickd bak puffin my black and mild
they wana take the game from me but ima get custody
haters no ima rip it still put no trust in me
so get knockd out or fucckin rock out its fuckin b-rock bout to bring tha block out
my style sick cant touch it stackin up my budget
writin rhymes like fuck it
till the day i kick the bucket
im bout to have a panic attack
where my xanaxs at
u need tio get knockd out kno im handlin thtout

so put cha grams in the air put cha hands in the air
im so hi tht i stand in the air
n u culd ask AROUNd im the mAn up in here
fuck around get knockd hands slammin in here
doing big things higher then heaven stax on deck
fresh nikes on the feet size is elven
im nice with the werds spittin truth
im on one its on up in booth
a hazardous youth
pop a couple rolls packa couple bowls spit a couple flows
b r to tha o ck
caTCH me on the freeway
givin no leeway
u kno how gs play
n out for strate cash mansions n yahts the bitches the bottles
the cars n the pot
so ima rock out till i cant keep rockin
n yes to the beats b keep rockin


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