no more tears mama
8 months in tha county il b rite bak here mamaa
i spent tha last seven years tryna heal mama money drugz got the best of my ear momma
it aint no where near drama more like a movie
how tha cops culd screw me
charge wit no evidence to clue me
i mite move fast so dont lose me
remeber we would we read books n watch movies
now u gotta lok at tha judge n tha cops sscrew me
id do nething for u in this world truly
u mean everyhitng to me
u gave everyhitng to me
made sure i dressed the best n let everyone see
n u stuk my side wehter i was suspended from skool or 14 smokin wed breakin tha rules
always maikin them moves
wish spent more time
u shulda tokk some days off now its to late now those days gon

it seems like yestaday it wuz tha best a days
n u wur so smart it took my breath away
we wuld d o homewerk i wuld push tha test away
u made me face it n i wuld ace it tha next day
guess thiz iz the next page
im in tha next phase
not seein u 4 8 months im havin chest pains
i dnt kno if this real or really isnt hope stop by sumtime n mayb visit
i had alot to say to u but really didnt maybe cuz tha way i wuz actin n tha way i wuz livin
but all im askin u for iz mayb e forvigin for tha sinin sry mama i shuld pikd u over chillin
never i thought id b wrong never thouht i b gon
but now im not comin home butt life goes on
i kno u didnt raise me ta b like this
make u look life diiferent n see like this


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