Mite B Tha Type




i mite jus be the type to beat cases b4 xmas
knockin names off the shitlist
dnt make it turn to hitlist
gotta goal set mind frame u kno ima get this
n wit the fam ima split this
home from my cell 10 min writ this
is wrote it
quote bitch take my dick deep throat it
u not my bitch u been demoted
im smokin sweet potent
gucci scarf loui belt
i feel sry for if i take the 38 off a tha shelf
n its to late for ambulance to come to ya help
yelp holla scream cuz nobody can hear u
i got a vision in my eyesight clear view
im lookin popo got there lights on rearview
ill shoot it out
better watch what comes out of ya fake phonies mouths
for im wit 40 goonies at ya house
i mite be the type to snipe u from own ya own roof wen no1 lookin
n tell cops suck a dick wen i get to bookin
minds off im fuckin crooked

i mite be the type write track a day
so the whole world culd hear what i have to say
i mite be the type punch u in ya face
for tlkin shit
i mite be the type to murk u so watch where u wlkin bitch


im mite jus be the type
to feel some type a way
thts y i write this type a way
smoke n write my life away
but some reason my head aint feelin rite today
hostage situation comin screamin put the knife away
ive been a little confused since i was young
look at the monster kill u like karma look wut iv becomei mite be the type to walk b way wit a shottgun
keep my out for a cop n pop1
then get the next hustler w stacks out
on the grind all day u dnt kno wut thts bout
bricks in the traphouse
htaers wna act loud on fb
but i dnt c them in the hood thts a fake look
now i dnt wna sound prospertous guys but ive been hospitalized n carsarated n brought for a ride to hell back
n next time i go back im not retuirnin
i know satan ull hook me up wit a evil bitch n a blunt ths forever burnin

i mite rob ya house
while ya mowin ya lawn
n not take shit but ya wallet n dawg
been lookin for my brain but it proly is gon
since i took much acid
still spittin jnasty deliverin xclassics
ima bastard a mad man ive had it
wit these habbits
its trajic
22 plus yrs causin havoc
its blackout im backout shuld they of let me
jeezy sed mix it wit the soda it ull get u bentley
dam skippy
so my grams wit me
my fams wit me
im gettin dam tipsy knowledege rol the dam piffy
n yup im type to never stop writin
blackout we a team n unitin


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