Mind Frame Mentality



0430 i need break this mind frame mentality feeling like im normal but lacking normality head spinning life is one big gallery blazin this purple so much its equalin out to calories its wen eva for wut ever gotta make a salarie momma poppa stop tha drama please just dont be madd at me and my bothers are they carma no more wit the drama gott love fo my riders on them fake dudes open fire in my life my desire and my rights im inspired lovin rap lovin it lovin weed love to spit lovin g’z lovin whips shoppin sprees its lagit coppi keys then we split cop a table bag the shit under the table stackks in shit we dont pay tax n shit we be on tha bak of it steady stakin stakcs of it cuz u kno stack tha chips plus im on this rappin shit i culd cause a accident cuz im on this rapid shit and im on this crack smokin in the back again overdose on accident comatoseim laughin then kick u in ya bak n chin kick in ya adams app now lets see u battle rap police where u tattle at u da bitch saddle bak grab tha bottle grab tha gat then i be out tha house takin grams out the couch chain heavy yea i slouch in tha bank large amounts foriegn money far accounts over see’s over g’z heads be gettin hollowed out not 14 older now but its me i run town n if i need ill i gun u down when i spit it thunders out man u see them thunder cloud im takin u under now bury six feet deep once we dump u out tha jeep down a hill that ground is steep leave u at the mountain peak laughin if u pought at me remeber that chu doubted me stay the fuck frum round me thas why i am proud a me rappin im aloud ta be prove u wrong prove me right fuck u cant be polite so hi im flight so hi im alrite feel like im flyin kite feelin like im rhymin nice so jus take my advise money cant buy a life drop skool cop ice pop fools not like i do my crew aint stoppin at lights n my dudes pop at the cops right the snot nose cops wont stop stoppin us night and if ya heart stops wul morn u tonight but tomoorow u forgotten erything ight cuz this is life and we kno death a cycle of it use ya body parts again recylce tha shit once again on my bread desisive n shit wen da pie cum i want extra slices n shit burnin weed lightin it bipolar im fightin do things inspite of it how u think i write this tha shit so what that im white n shit ill get on tha mic n spit leave u losers lifeless go home n write sum shit


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