Long Road




yo this life is a trip long road
will u make it to the end no one knows no one knows
anything you could you do yea i dun it
always make money stayed hi
i love it fuck it

yo this life is a trip am i hallucinatin
dudes think im fallin off
well they culd keep hatin
ill just stay on my grind n keep cakin
smokin a a hunned joints a day like a jamiacian
n i fuckin do it extremist
anything i say i mean this
wit these rhymes i spittin
i love it a fuckin genius
n im amped up ima kkeep writn
life is goin to fast pass my eyes flashin lights
ima do my thing here n in the afterlife
n u know do my thing im rite here so pass the mic
second album done son
i won son
so its a wrap
yea i done it all
got it all
u culd kiss my ass
so if you talkin money
yea i speak it fluent
make my way up to tha top
n did it all music
feel like ima lose it
i got what it takes n ima fuckin prove it
lifes been lonjg causin confusion
yo this life is a trip long road
million mixtapes printes alll sold all sold
anything you could you do yea i dun it
always make money stayed hi
i love it fuck it
yo its b rock
this is for my boys tht always keep there heat cocked
dangerous wit a penicil
lifes a trip a long road and i use it as a stencil
for my rhymes cuz wit out those u know tht id be goin mental
these drugs got me trippin
hallucitnatin no use in hatin
its to late u knew id make it
n id be cakin
cuz im grindin life is to short to for u to fall behind n
start buggin lose ya mind
stress is just wearin me out
to the point where im pullin my hair n tearin it out
im lazy as hell lookin for sweatpants to wear in the house
im not a asshole im just declarin this now
unsigned wit the whole world just blarin my sounds im tearin the town up
better get the point cuz i aint playin bodies decayin im slayin
u fuckers this world is just what u make it
soi mutha fuck one time its my time cuz another day another dollar
im on my grind


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