im laughin at um
u fuckin funny
lookin like food in the hood in them munchies
bullet proof vest gas mask for helmet im goin
planet rock landin last man standin u kno its him
crusin thru 845 money on mind ima a beast
smokin sour to keep the only this rap shit speak my piece
lol yea i know u hear me laughin
sour out the window bumon blackout loud u hearin me pasin
it took along time a long grind
this aint eazy
laughin all the way to the top
most u haters aint beleve me
but i flpit tth scrpit
off my meds been flippi9n scrpits
blackout like a diped a dip
laughin off my ass wen i spit tol
genius reading wrtintg aryhitmn
haters ither goin hards or goin home
all i know i shows hoes oes blow n growin clones
bless u sneeze on tracks dont bllow my nose
i dot wna hear u wack rappers put u on mute remote contrl
its b-rock blckout i hope u kno
haters laughin at um
ive been laughinj
stashin stacin my money up
math mackin
gat packin
coop scoop ya honey up
we eatin ou here pockets chubby tumy tuck
whiteboy waasted boy
100 deep at he clublikedam b-rock brought the gang overim speedin left lan
few yrs ago tey laighin at me
now im grindin passin them
n im wit his bitch two her im w her n like hlf her friends
wake up in the mornin laughin then
since sixth gradem get paid get laid
get clipped wit the switc hbladde
swtich wesapons n switcblades
im crackin jokes cuz bitch made
been up 6 days n my sitxth rave
loove money blackout sick wave
blackout backout go nuts
come to are show s come showlove
laugh out loud til i blow up
say u want the 1z but wont sho up
did my bid laughed
fell offf the wagon proly crashed
in high school sed i wuldnt pass
4 albums one yr a college rd to tha riches im on the ave
i dont wana sound spiteful
but yrs of dudes hatin me
got me paranoid wit the rifle
this jus how life goes
u were laughin at me now i get to luiagh back
they said i wuldnt make it in life
its blackout backout n thts a fact


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