leave Me ALone




leave alone
sumtimes i think i odnt be needin this phone
yo yo ya kleave me feel like movin out new life streets is my home

these feeling expressed as real as addressed
revealed that u impressed im snatchin ya breath
right before n after
a natural born disaster
stayin hi n plastered
a thick headed bastard
that had it ass backwards
but i did wut i can
once i swung my first punch i knew i ‘d do it agen
hey wut culd i say i was violently raised
also stuck between peacefukl n a violently rage
jail is option culd be stuck in a cage

facin 25 ta life
i sit n i age
dump rhymes out my mind
like i shit on the page
aint got the normal life
for kids of my age
ever since i was little i realized my life was different
if we aint livin in hell then wut the hell is it
heaven or hell i fuigure wut the differencce
life a bitch then u die n u caught up in it

shoot the
pump action
wen im in the zone all ya betta leave me alone
cuZ my trigga finga itchy n it agree the chrome
chyllyn yea i sit n i rite
nervous nails perfect
to sit n just bite
feels like im yellin but wit no nobody ot hear it
if u aint gotta grip on the wheel then how culd u steer
if sumthin aint real how culd fear
revealed ity the spirit ya head is for clearaNCE
this life n the games that we play
drinkin always thinknin will i change my ways
but that means i gotta change my days
tie u up backwards
chain up ya legs
aint nuttin betta then how i feel wen i write
weave words rhmes nice how u feel bout life
curious bout hpw u live wen u dead
leave me alone n letme live in my head
one second im fine but im known snap
a cracker thas a rapper so im known to rap



anger anxiety stressed imagine if i culd rite
so god bless
one second im fine but im known snap
a cracker thas a rapper so im known to rap
ppl hear it they that dudes nice
but guess wut next up that dudes white
u hearin me spit u hear is lagit
so just gimme a chance or gimme glance
im stuck in a trance
so that means my mind cant move
no missions impossible nuttin i cant prove
if u think not then prove ya point
one more word il remove ya voice
take awayc ya freedom n remove ya choice
im on sum other shit so to calm donw i roll a joint
ill calm down burn slo duble rollin it twicce
smoke as i stroll down the streets a life



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