Know Me




uz they know me know me
ery where i go girls screamin go b
ima boss yea i dothe dam thang
on stage at a rave girls scream my name
popin molly swetin like i ate a hot to molly
girl i wana lixk ya body u culd kick it shotti
rentin the room in twisted in the lobby
street name b-rock real name boby
in the hood
blackoutsolider i know they all got me but if the wants 1s
i got u copy
ery they kno me stil aint famous
soundcloud or rveverb check my playlist
walkin in the streets erybody what my name is
aint playin games forget u fuckin lames kid
girls wna tlk erywhhere i go
giv um free tickets
b like c u at the show
molly for the low
always promotin
omw to hollywood
jus did a bid in goshen
on pint focused
music magic hocus pocus
mAkin music moves u dnt kno nuttin bout showbiz
in the hood they know me know n ive been spittin since o3 o3

keep my writin hand strong
my tracks smackin u bitches
ive been in the trap writin n grindin stackin my riches
born gettin money natural riches
imn tlkin fACT N U JUS FICTION
HAD to get it how i live thts how im livin
u get wut u give cuz thts wut urgiven
erybody know me from my music
n the stacks tht im gettn
erydody fuck wit ya boy
im jus tryna keep low key
keep my name out ya mouth if u dnt kno me
u aint on my level na u cant compare
n my campign i do the dam thang
u cnt help but stare
]u got fiunnancial problems cnt help u there
u dont feel good bout ya slef i cant help u care
girls jockin men stoppin me erywhere i tht i go
cct ery hood ery city ery thet i know


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