Jockin Me



whyu jockin me
why yopu all up on my dick man
its so sikenin
n u jockin me all up on my shit man

wen i get on these beats call me the hitman
cuz i stay in tha hood just bangin out them hits man
minds my unstable like a bike with out a kickstand
n u know we got it all cuz we price them grams
n my money long but that dont make me twice tha man
what makes me twice the man is theswe lines i spit
look at my shows u kno tha line n shit
to quit i must be hi as shit
but i aint stoippin till my last breath ackknowledge it
n fuk channel 5 its hood politics
cops drugs murders n dudes that just poppin clips
so evrystand tha fuk up n headbop to this
im that dude thats coppin bricks
get um when we settledown n then dock the ships
then cop n flip
haters on my dick plus these cops n shit
omg its so obnoxious


yea i do own thing
i got my own style
make my videos look like girls gon wild
its b-rock man n u know im hittin licks
u kno im flippin bricks
even the haters on my dick
even if u talk shit i kno u like me
n u wont admit tht no not likely
im a asshole i proly got that face you wana punch
but u suckers got the flow that i culd eat up for lunch
n still not be full
we will not be coool
n if wee do settle tha beef u still gotta deal wit my crew
my ambition is crfazy im in n out of merceedies do big things
chill chillin wit some ladies
do i have to spell it out like alphabet soup
while im goin 95 blowin sour outthe roof
n im a starte beat killer when i get in the booth
pens mightier then the sword
but i will still shooot
why u jockin me im just tryin to b me
why u jockin me im just tryin b b
all them player haters outtthere tryina c me
n if they culd see me then im on tha tv
i got it down pact
wit these lines that i got
im nice i finsih some songs n finish sopme shots
when i bring out the dutchies i bring out tha box
n whenb i smoke to the head i bring out tha shop
so its a no go if u flo
why dont chu stop
there aint no point in ya albums cuz its a flop
so you hatin on me cuz my flava is cool
n im chillin wit some ladies when im waitin in school
\smoove so while all you hatin on me im already bak in the studiio doin my thing
so if u jockin me then get up off my shit bro
its b-rock n im comin thru wit the sik flow



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