I’m Sorry



im sorry
for all the things that i did
bak in tha day when i wuz bein a kid
im sorry for when i came home late
sorry for comin home hi n eatin 8 plates
of food n bein in a bad mod sorry mom n dad i take it out on u
dad i dnt kno what id do without u dude
u keep me on track wen im feelin blue
n my lil sis im sorry to for all tha shit i put u thru
witnessin tha police n what they put us thru
n mom im sorry for everything
cant even go down the list theres too many things
n dad i hope u stay proud wether they lock me up
or keep me down
but they cant keep me for ever
theress a rainbow in tha sky thas like seein heaven
mad colors like the haze that i smoke
sorry for bullyin all the jokes that joked
sorry f0r all the Lz n all the smoke that i smoked
trachea brake it up opejnd ya throat
until u opend tha note n reaDS IM sorry
im sorry for all the drugs all the pill poppin
sorry for tha violence all tha gun cockin
sorry for all tha fist fites all the rockin
sorry for alchohol all tha vodka
but wen im it likie nuttin can stop ya
n i need my meds dont have a doctor
sorry for all the slefd medicatin dont kno what do
i must be satan
or i must be changin
cuz im sry for tha shit tht did
bein me trippin seein wen i wuz bein kid
but i gotta end this song i still fuckin sin
i still cnt win


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