lifes challenges
systems of check n balances
triple beams baggies money stackin up balancin
studios flat screens
freestyles writtens
molly women trippin
prison the bars
dope hard dust coke n smoke
for sale out the yard
im ror on my charge
not guilty cant touch me bitch
its blackout till i bblackuot dnt u kno hoo u fuckin wit
so tick me off im wlkn im a wlkin time bomb
rdy to explode any minute keep qquiete dawg
ive been of the lithium sumthins up wit my equilibrium
my doctor died i guess tht was a sign to stop seein um
poppin zanis to relax 3 in 1 ahhhim floatin
promtoin my music
i told u this rap game iabuse it
stayin focused on my shit
stay on the path tht im choosin
im ridin im cruisn
845 blackout its amovement
so move it

i got a track for everyday of the year
im chillin mind rite
twistin up sippin a beer
playa wut ya lifelike
its blackout no nitelites
i got the vision my desicion i culd see in the dark
i smell blood n want a quick meal in the streets ima shark
b-rock thts the fuckin name my hood is the like hunger games
feds say they cleaned it up 5 yrs ago
n i aint see a change
thts why i dnt never change
screamin blackout rep the gang
feel like i jus jooks ya shit kept the change
u pussies u shulda kept ya lane
u culda kept ya brain
imagine tht
no cops new reporters snitches witnesses n sirens flash
n if i get knocked i post bail
this b-rock the told tale
sat in jail wrote mail
wrote rhymes always on point no scale



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