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BRINGING THE NEW SITE UP TO DATE.BUT THERE ARE MANY NEW THINGS GOING ON IN A B-ROCK WORLD,WE HAVE BEEN VERY BUSY CREATING THE CONTENT AND CD TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STEP,THE DIS-REALITY SHOW 2 (watch B-Rock in the studio @ 16,17 ), GIGS, STUDIO, PHOTO SHOOTS, OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS( see how B-Rock looks now ). As you look at The Dis-Reality Showepisodes look at how easy B-ROCK  makes it look ,and listen to the hit song at the end, with just a little tweaking ,its amazing how his lyrical flow works, you will not believe your ears!

Look at the first Video for B-Rock . singing Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the best MC of them all from his upcoming CD (Bipolar-Disorder)..using studio footage ,B-Rock’s was only 16 when he wrote MIRROR MIRROR



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