i cant explain this feelin
il be honest
see your shinin like a goddes
u desreve the world
n more n ill get it promise
im sry for my flaws n my prolems
even jail bars culdnt stop um
but im back out n i rly tryna solve um
im wild its in my nature
cant explain it on this paper
the rest ill tell u l8tr
this feelin cant get no greater
watchin ur eyes is like the sunrise
made the rainy days go away
so i call her sunshine
but i culd never riddle are love in between these punchlines
ride or die
holds me down wen it comes to one time
im only syin tis one time
blackout queen standin strong on the frontline
and im sry girl i made mistakes
this the future this to make it great
the tiem is now is now no need to wait
my angels here no need to pray
i gotta say girl u saved me
so wen we cudle i jus love calin u baby
love its so beyond it turns me on yea im crazy

since i laid eyes on u
wuld take a bulet u kno i gurl i wuld die for u
im there on the drop of the dime of dime for u
spillin my heart i hope u dnt mind
n wen shit gets ruff keep ur head up girl
im rite here dnt cry
i remeber tht first day we met
thts the day my life changed
i started thinkin leme start livin my life the rite way
n stop givin a fuck about wut all the haters n wut they mite say
love her for ever thru snowy wether thts my wifey
x n o s smokin cuddlin holdin hands long walks
relaxin then a little action lay down long talks
like i culd jus vibe wit u
turn up the ststem roll up sour make some moves n jus ride wit u
i gotta say shorty u so official
no wmen culd take ya place
god bless tht im wit you
always smile wen i see ya face
once i got u in my arms i dnt wna let u go
n this how i really how i rly feel i thought u shuld let ukno

everytime i fall ur rite therew to pick me up
lift me up
giv the spirit i nd to go on
never givin up
once we at the top
were guna liv it up
we both came from the bottom
this world is are if were together
n we takin it wit no prolem
u the reason tht i wake up
natural beauty nds no make up
1 one of kind like one of my rhymes
n she know how to tht cake up
thts my other half
my 1 n only
there for me never leves me lonely
shes my bestfriend




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