Blinks A Lifetime



6cloudy days
life goes fast
a blinks a lifetime
open my hands wide
read my life line
like my life fine but it really iznt
suttin gotta giv but it really didnt
my brain is focused
im still a rebel
im level headed
charges facin several
heavens lookin cloudy
hells lookin ruff
sunny days aint lookin up
but im still standin firm tuff

long days they pass slow
ive been actin like a asshole
i wana take this piece of my life n just fast forward
all the truble skip it
like the bong i rip it
wish the truble wuld disaapear in the smoke
wen i hit it
but it aint goin no where
n i aint goin no where
bitchin life aint no fair
but its just wut i made it
its like no one dont care
self explainin brain ragin
meanwhile my age changin
worried bout my chain hangin
n my whip man
but tht aint shit man
i started writin at 14 teen to lagit to quit man
so i just spit man
n let my feelings expand
worried my bout my ex dam
n her wit the next man
i thought we had the best plan
ive seen the rest of you
cant believe u let them fuckinj drugs get the best of u
remines n think bak bout wut we had
sad ever since u got sent to rehab

i wana quit like tht is tht
im smokin back to back LZ
wit my fitted cap
held over my eyes
where the visions at
i crept thru this life in disguise
like my desicions were dumb
i demise wonderrin wuts inside
all the pills tht i ate
but its to laet but its to late do decide
i lost the most precious things in life cuz gettin hi
drugs i guess were just my way of gettin bye
just to let these demons gett inside my little mind
n im still strugglin to maintain its the same thang
N i doubt ima eva change mane
ill be 80 goin by the same name
still runnin the same game
blackout on my dam chain
still runnin the campaign
ive dun put up wit enuf shit
to tha point where im like fuck shit
ive did enuf dum shit
n wen i start to think tht my days are slow
i think about life n how many days to go


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