Barry Bonds



v i p im the best player
run the city like the fuckin mayor
thts y im wlkin n ur girl jus gimme stares
streets aint a game no it aint fair
smkin sour no cares
got ur bithc on my dick hit a homerun barry bond
100 000 for the bail i just post bond
aint nuthin more important then freedom
n i wnt hoes but i dnt nd um
love to get inbetween um n aint disrespectin
all my blackout females get to reppin haters get to steppin
got the 38 but my pen my weapon
never extra stressin
tht pussy good it got me second guesin
so leme get a session
n get home safe
n na i aint gettin stuck on third base
ima hit it out the park its blackout till blackout
got ya girl in tha trap house bary bonds
tap it n carry on

hit tht pussy on the first pitch
i love wen a gurl act like she my first bitch
we get married in the bed fuck a church
im go hard girl tell me if it hurts
cum let it squirt
ea i love to hit it from the back giv me tht
giv me stacks wrap it up gift wrap
ima muhthafuckin player dont me hate the game
same old b-rock i never changed
long as bitches love me\
im good 845 im hood
i be chilin like a boss shuld
poppin molly red bulll huuh
n i be relaxin money stackin in club
girl come thro tha pussy at ya boy some sho me some luv
ima jus kick back girl break up a dub matter fact heres a qp im rollin it up
pop molly wit a hot mommy sweatin like a hit toomalyy
ima hit out the park no if ands or porblys


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