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forget the HYPE .(16 years old)…this kid is a great lyricist ….PICK ANY SONG …every song has a catchy hook , listen to how clever his words are in (The Crazy song)every other line� . his insight in The way It Is ,and after tramatization, and all his other songs here ,Mirror,Mirror,Back me Up, I Ain’t Goin By The Rules..
this album was written is 5 months and he has plenty more >>>>
these are demos we are in the studio cleaning up the lyrics

B-Rock was brought up listening to old-school rap classics at an early age.� By age eleven, he developed an interest in underground artists and� new-school artists,� such as Notorious Big, Tupac, Dre, and others, all of whom have heavily influenced who he is today. B-Rock has also strongly been impacted by Eminem, which is evident in some of his songs, but not transparent. To his credit, B-ROCK has a style unlike no other.

For a sixteen-year-old, B-ROCK’s lyrical skills are very intelligent.� His rapping style is very articulate and coherent and his rhyming and vocabulary are extremely impressive.� B-ROCK is in touch with the thoughts and feelings of the average teenager growing up in today’s world.� He has his finger on the pulse of today’s youth, as well as tremendous insight into his own self.


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