20-20 Ain’t Sleeping On The Money



got it neway tht i can
hustlin rappin weighn the grAMS
mapped out out stay wit the plan
got the 38 protectin still i stay wit my fam
im jus wwerkinj on my fanbase
n cusitis man
ima blackout soldier trust me fam
catch me in newburgh streets luv me dam
im makin this music till my heart stop beatin
never fuck my bitch b4 my dogs are eatin
so for all u speakin wen i c u run to the house
ima giv u resceation gun to mouth
come c u wen im masked up
i got 9 lives u got bad luck
pullin in the black truck
blackout flags up
automatics out
u shulda never started fam
wquldnt of a brought it to ya house
whats beef wen i got ya daughter n ya spouse
call me phycho its blackout no litebulbs
my boys like b-rock u need slow down
im so far gon tht planet roccs my globe now
bout to big things im on a rolll now
just popped molly im on a ROLL NOW
bout to kick back wit my hoe now
bout to go flip another o now
yap gums let it go down
try to run it like shit its yo town

i been up allday i jus broke night i aint sleepin on the money
seein dollar signs
still 2020
shades on mygot shades on
in the dark
im shinin

even in the dark i shine
wack hustlers aint even start to grind
so often im
known to blackout
b-rock lost his mind
still always on point never lost a line
seein dolla signs
i love money
gold kts bugz bunny
under the matress drug money
did i crack a joke wuts funny
laughin cuz u broke lookin in ya wallet wut money
blackout u kno i stay swaggd up pounds baggd up
chill write tracks let the money add up
n my girl she a bad dub blowin mad dubs at my shows get mad love
n i aint sleepin at bedtime
paranoid bout thoughts of the fedtime
ror on me on christmass eve jus so i culd write rhymes twist some trees
erybody step back let me breathe
i dont how to get MY POINT ACROSS
its blackout
845 for those dont kno
n my place flow goes places urs wont go tripped out seein life in slo mo n fast forward oh no
bout to rape the game
beat charges
even in hell or in a cell
my music still movin
music for life thts the life tht im choosin
eyes shot red no sleep still im cruisin


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