#1Gunner Early B-rock



This is B-rocks First time at the studio 15 and his actual first full written song . He had bits and pieces of songs from hip hop ejay that he was working on, when i heard this i took him to the studio with me and let him records it,   this was an instrumental from a  little wayne song… Funny looking at it now….. Though this is a violent song  i was blown away by the lyrics and story,  even at the end reading the words i was amazed, i think, i also realized what a great story teller he was, being able to make this very descriptive story up in his mind. …but it wasn’t him, and i explained he could be a ghost writer for others because he still didnt have his style, sound yet,and i also told him he had to start writing about who he is and what he’s going through to help deal with his Bi-Polar…. now i cant shut this kid up……..1 year later he would have about 30 songs to choose from For Bi-Polar Disorder , now he has over 100 and were only on the second CD Face The Music….


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